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Daytime Emmy® Award winner, 30 years of experience in illustration & graphic design, photography, art direction and 2D animation. Digital nomad. Can work remotely anywhere in the world.

Fluent in French, English and Spanish, my work in the animation industry has taken me around the world, to Japan, France, England, China, and Spain. In England I worked on The Village, a short film nominated for both American and British Academy Awards and a prizewinner at a number of festivals. Also in England, I contributed to the highly successful feature film American Tail II: Fievel Goes West, produced by Steven Spielberg, and in Paris, to the feature length Asterix and the Big Fight. In Montreal, I supervised for Cinar Animation on a number of popular cartoon series, including three-time Emmy® Award winner, Arthur.

SKILLS →Photoshop - Illustrator - ToonBoom Harmony - ToonBoom Storyboard - After Effects - Final Cut - InDesign - Première ---- I can learn any software really fast.